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How to check an orders status
How to check an orders status
Updated over a week ago

To see the status of your orders, follow this guide:

1) Login to your dashboard.

If you cannot find your password, you can reset it here.

2) You can then see the status of your orders in the Orders section:

Note: Delivery dates are rough estimates and are subject to change.

Normal Order Flow

Here is the normal flow an article goes through, from receiving an order to sending a full report.


Your order was received, and we are currently reviewing the order. Soon we will assign a team to work on your order, and it will move on to the next stage.

- Average Duration 24 hours.


Our writing team is currently working on your article. This means they are either writing an article for you, editing an existing article, or making a revision.

- Average Duration 2 days - Each revision usually adds another 24 hours.


Your article is ready to be reviewed. You can download your article by clicking on the ▼ button on the far right. Click on the Review button to open the Article Review box when you are ready to approve the article or request a revision.


Our publishing team is currently working with news sites to publish your article. Once your article is live, our team takes 1-2 days to verify the live links, and compile your full report. At the end of this process, we will email you a link to your full report, and it will also be available on your dashboard.

- Average Duration 5 days - We do not publish on weekends.

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