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Do you use ChatGPT or other AI to create articles?
Do you use ChatGPT or other AI to create articles?
Updated over a week ago

No, our dedicated writers craft each article without assistance from artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT. Our business policy strictly prohibits us from using any AI software for writing articles, and our writers firmly follow this guideline.

That said, we use Grammarly to enhance the grammar and readability of our articles. The purpose of this tool is not to generate content but to provide a proofreading layer, ensuring that our writing maintains a high standard of quality and consistency. Unfortunately, Grammarly has been known to trigger AI detection systems.

Many AI detection software tools are available, but we are still in the early stages of AI content and detection. So it’s common to get false positives with AI detection software, and as mentioned, it can even be triggered by Grammarly.

We are committed to providing human-written content, and our expert writers can often outperform AI-generated content. So you can rest assured that the articles you receive from us are entirely human written.

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