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How to request a revision
How to request a revision
Updated over a week ago

You can request a revision only while your order is in the review stage.

For the best outcome, please ensure that you are descriptive of any problems with the article and let the writer know how they need to adjust the article.

Example of a bad revision request:

"The second sentence does not make sense."

Example of a good revision request:

"The 2nd sentence does not relate to our business. Please change it to be more about our service and less about the industry in general"

Important: Please make sure any requests you make are friendly. Our writers are human and will always do their best to write an article that meets your needs, so please make sure you are friendly and respectful when communicating with them.

To request a revision, follow these steps:

2) Find the order from the list of orders and click the Review button

3) Type any requests you have into the provided textbox. You may also upload a revised version of the article into the "UPLOAD REVISED ARTICLE" field:

4) Click the Request Revision button.

Bonus Tip: We will prioritize writers that you rate 5 stars for any future orders you place, and we will avoid assigning writers to you that you rate low. Rating your writer also helps us to improve our service.

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