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How to place an order on Brand Push
How to place an order on Brand Push
Updated over a week ago

We have made our order form as simple as possible, making it easy for anyone to order with minimum input required.

To get started, just head on over to our order form here:

How to fill out the order form

There are five stages to our order form:

1. Account

Provide your name and email address in the account section.

The email address and name will be used to contact you regarding your order. If you do not have an account already, we'll create one and email details after ordering.

If you have already placed an order with us in the past, you can use the login option instead:

Note: If you're a reseller or marketing agency, you should provide your own name and email address.

2. Publishing Package

Select from four publishing packages:

After selecting a publishing package, it will expand to provide more information:

You can review the accepted topics, major outlets included, and story limitations for each news network by clicking on each heading within the highlighted news network.

In most cases, we recommend the Popular Package, but if your website or brand is in a niche such as Cryptocurrency, Supplements, Dating, Metaphysical, etc, then you will need to select the Limited Package.

For the best results, try the Ultimate Package.

Additional News Outlets

Below the news networks, click on More News Outlets to see additional news outlets to publish on.

These additional outlets can be added to any of the news networks for even more brand exposure.

3. Writing Package

Select from four writing packages:

Select the writing package that suits your needs, or choose Write Your Own Story and upload your own article. Just make sure that the article you upload meets our writing guidelines.

Below the writing packages, click on Show upgrades to see additional writing options:

You can then add Detailed Research for brands, industries, products, or topics requiring a more in-depth analysis. This is great for more technical and jargon-rich news stories.

4. Brand Details

Next, you need to provide the details of your Brand. The brand can be your business, website, or personal brand if you're an influencer, artist, or author.

If you are a marketing agency or reseller, you should provide details of your client's brand here.

All fields are required, but in the website & links field, you can provide your social media link(s) if you do not have a website.

Click on More options to add an optional address and phone number for your brand.

5. News Story

Here, you can either provide the directions for an article we write if you choose to include writing, or you can upload your own article if you choose the "Write Your Own Story" writing package.

5a. Provide news story direction.

If you choose to include writing in your package, you can provide direction for the writer here. But, if you choose to skip this section, you can continue with the order form, and our writers will create a news story for you based on the website and links you gave in the Brand Details section.

Every field is optional, and you can see examples of details that would help our writers by clicking on Show Examples to the right of any field.

Click on Add Quotes or Embed YouTube Video to provide additional information for our writers.

You can also upload images by dragging and dropping them into the Upload Your Images box. See also: What are the image requirements?

5b. Upload your own news story.

If you choose to provide your own news story, you will see an upload box where you can drag and drop your news story file.

We recommend uploading an article in a .docx Microsoft Word document for best results.

Click on Writing Guidelines & Advice to see your chosen news network's editorial requirements. This will change depending on which news network you choose above.

If you want to upload images separately, click the Add Images button.

Just make sure that the images you upload separately are also included in the news story document that you upload so we know where in the news story you would like the images positioned. See also: What are the image requirements?

How to review your order

While you are filling out the order form, your order summary and delivery estimate will be displayed on the right-hand sidebar on desktop:

Or at the bottom of the screen on mobile:

You can track the price and delivery estimate in real-time as you choose your packages.

After filling out the order form, you can continue to review your order.

If you need to make any changes, click Edit in the top right-hand corner of any section. Otherwise, click on Continue to Payment Method to move forward.

How to make payment for an order

The last part of placing an order is selecting the payment method and making the payment.

You can pay with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay by selecting Stripe. Alternatively, you can pay with your PayPal account.

If you want to send a copy of the invoice for your order to a colleague or your accounts department, click View Invoice. You can then send them the link to the invoice, where they will be able to complete payment.

If you want to pay with cryptocurrency, you can manually transfer Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Tether. Just contact us for the address.

Click on the Add Coupon button to add a coupon code. You can use the coupon code FREE10 to save $10 off your order.


After your order is paid, you will see a confirmation window to let you know we have received the payment.

If you paid via PayPal, it may take a few minutes to confirm the payment.

After we receive payment, we will email you within 5 minutes with your order confirmation and login details.

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