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How much website traffic & visitors can I expect?
How much website traffic & visitors can I expect?
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It's very hard to specify any exact number of website visitors that you will receive from our service as it can vary greatly between each order. Typically clients get website traffic from our publications very slowly over the long term.

Over time the publications will rank on Google for relevant search terms, and more people will find the article on Google. The publications will then act as landing pages. People can find the articles on Google using relevant search terms, read the article, and only then will the most interested people click through to your website. This means the traffic you receive is already highly prequalified and has a much higher chance of taking action on your site.

Our service also helps improve traffic by boosting your site's SEO. The links from high-authority news sites help make your website appear more relevant and authoritative to Google. This allows your site to rank higher for relevant search terms.

The third way our service can help deliver traffic is through the exposure you get from these articles. Only some readers will click on the links, but all readers will be exposed to your brand and may visit your website through a Google search or typing in the URL after reading the article.

While we do our best to give each order the most amount of exposure as possible, we cannot guarantee any specific results in terms of website traffic.

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