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How to remove publications for an order
How to remove publications for an order

How to place a removal request or take-down request.

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Once an article is published, news sites do not give us direct access to be able to make changes or edits. Therefore you may need us to take down the publications in case some critical information contained in the publications has changed or is no longer valid. For example, if your business changed location.

Due to the bulk deals we have with news sites and publishing networks, we cannot take down only a single publication. For removal requests, we always remove all publications for an order.

If you are concerned about the SEO impact of any publications, it is cheaper to simply disavow them with Google using the guide below.

How to request the removal of all publications

To request a removal, send us a message using the blue bubble in the bottom right-hand corner. Let us know your order ID and email address for the removal. We will then reply with a payment link, and once payment is made, just reply back to confirm payment so we can begin the removal process.

Removals cost $150 USD and take our team 1 week to complete.

We can only remove publications that we have made for you. We cannot remove any content that is republished on news sites outside of our network that we did not publish.

Learn more about the scope of our service in our Terms of Service.

How to disavow publications with Google for free

If you ever believe that any of our publications are causing issues with your Google rankings, you can always disavow them with Google. Here is the link to do so:

You can export the text-based list of your publication URLs at the top of your report by clicking on Export -> Text List. You can then remove the links of any publications you would not like to disavow from the text file and upload the list of remaining publication links as a text file to Google's disavow links page.

Just be aware that you will lose any positive SEO effect our articles have had on your website by disavowing the links.

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