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What are the image requirements? (Width, Height, Filesize)
What are the image requirements? (Width, Height, Filesize)
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Generally, you should provide the highest quality image possible for the best results.

How images will appear on news sites

News sites will run images through compression, which may reduce the quality of images. The news sites will then resize the images to fit the width of their content area. Portrait images may be shrunk further, so they take up less vertical space.

Websites like Market Insider will shrink the image to fit the full width of their content area:

Whereas other news sites like Yahoo Finance shrink and compress the image further:

Image requirements

  • Accepted file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, BMP, HEIF, HEIC, TIFF, TIF, SVG, and WEBP.

  • Maximum file size: 25 MB.

  • We cannot include hyperlinks on images.

  • We cannot publish animated images.

For the best quality images, please follow the recommendations below.

Recommendations for best quality:

  • Use JPG or PNG file formats.

  • Use a minimum width of 800px for images.

  • Images should be less than 500kb in file size.

  • Landscape images tend to look better than portraits.

  • Please ensure all image text is large enough to be visible, even if slightly blurred after compression.

  • A few websites may not publish the images we provide them, so it's recommended that you refrain from including captions below images, as they will still be visible even if the images are not.

Restrictions on images:

  • We cannot publish images of people in swimwear or underwear. All people must be fully clothed, and their stomachs must be covered.

  • We cannot include images of any weapon or anything shaped like a weapon.

  • We cannot include images of any violence.

  • We cannot include images of people taking drugs, including legal drugs.


  • Unsplash - Great source of free stock images.

  • Pexels - Another great source of free stock images.

  • Canva - Advanced image editing software.

  • iLoveImg - Basic image editing tools (cropping, resizing, etc.)

  • TinyPNG - Industry-leading lossless image compression.

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