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How to install your "as seen on" Trust Badge
How to install your "as seen on" Trust Badge
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The free "as seen on" trust badge is only sent to clients once an order is completed. This is because each trust badge only contains the logos of news sites that your article was published on, with live links to those publications.

Note: The Trust Badge is offered for free as an add-on to all our orders. We do not own or officially license any news logo. Official licenses can be purchased outside of Brand Push. Please keep this in mind if you would like to use the Trust Badge and include news logos on your website.

How to Install Your Trust Badge on a Website

1. Open your report. You can find your report emailed to you in your inbox or your account.

2. Click on the Trust Badge link from the very top of your report or scroll down to the Trust Badge section.

3. Click on Customize Trust Badge to change the appearance and choose which news logos to display:

Customization Options

Logo Color: You can choose the color of the news logos from black, white, or color.

Background Color: You can choose the background color of the trust badge between white, black, or transparent.

Include Links: This will link each news logo to the live publication.

Shadow Around Badge: This will make a shadow around the border of the trust badge.

Reef Border: This will include the grey reefs (leaves) to the left and right of the trust badge.

Include Verification Badge: This will show "Verified by" at the bottom of the Trust Badge.

Include Outlet Counter: This will show the number of news outlets you were published on at the bottom of the Trust Badge. This number is rounded to the nearest 50 outlets for readability.

4. Click on the Update Trust Badge button to apply the changes you have chosen.

5. Click on the Copy Trust Badge HTML button to copy the entire trust badge in HTML format.

6. Paste the trust badge into your website's HTML.

Scroll down for a guide on installing the trust badge in Shopify.

Here are guides on pasting HTML in Wix, WordPress, Webflow, Squarespace, Click Funnels 1.0, and Click Funnels 2.0.

- OR -

Click on the Save as image link to download the trust badge as an image.

Recommendation: We recommend using the HTML version of the trust badge whenever possible, as it will automatically resize for any screen it's displayed on and will always show the logos in high definition.

If you have any problems with the way the trust badge appears on your website, see this guide: Common problems and solutions for displaying our Trust Badge correctly

How to Install Your Trust Badge on Shopify

1. Login to your Shopify account.

2. On the left sidebar, click on Online Store, then Themes below the Online Store.

3. Click on Customize next to your selected theme.

4. From the top center navigation, select a page to edit.

(In the example above, we are editing the Home Page)

5. From the left sidebar, choose which area you want to add the trust badge to (either the Header, Template, or Footer) and click on the Add section directly below that area.

6. Then click Custom Liquid to add a custom liquid section.

(In the example above, we are adding the custom liquid to the Footer section of our theme.)

7. Click on the new Custom Liquid section to open up the Custom Liquid sidebar.

8. Open your Brand Push report in a new window, scroll down to the Trust Badge section, and click on Copy Trust Badge HTML.

9. Go back to your Shopify and paste the HTML into the Liquid code section.

This will make the Trust Badge appear in your theme:

10. Click Save in the top right-hand corner.

Now, when you preview your store, you will see the trust badge.

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